Bittorrent is a file sharing protocol that allows users to share files in a decentralized manner, on the other hand, the BTT cryptocurrency was created by the Tron Foundation, the cryptocurrency Bittorrent coin runs on the Tron blockchain (TRC-10). What makes Bittorent or BTT different from other cryptocurrencies is that users can earn BTT coins while downloading files on Bittorent.

Bittorrent was acquired by Justin Sun (Tron founder) in 2018, after Justin Son bought Bittorent the biggest and well-known torrent file sharing platform he decided to create the BTT token.

Bittorrent is fast easy to download and upload files and that’s why it grows in popularity.

Bittorrent has seen a huge price pump in the last few months and has attracted many investors to buy BTT. Like I said earlier that the BTT token runs on the Tron blockchain. In case you don’t know what Tron is, Tron is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2017, at first Tron was running on the Ethereum blockchain but is now running its blockchain, the TRC-10. The TRC-10 blockchain has a cheaper fee and faster transaction speed when compared to the ERC-20, which is the Ethereum blockchain.

How to buy Bittorent immediately

To buy Bittorent you would need to own Bitcoin or any popular altcoin stored in a wallet, and a Bittorent Wallet. this would enable you to buy purchase Bittorent on

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If you are new to cryptocurrency and don’t have Bitcoin, Ethereum or any popular altcoin then let me explain to you how you can quickly buy Bitcoin using Coinbase.

First, visit and create an account, once your account is created, you would have to verify your account by providing your IDs (recommended), your account would be verified in minutes after you provide either a Driver’s license, Passport, or National ID card.

Create a account

Go to account profile and click link profile, now link your credit card account with your account.

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Congratulations you now own Bitcoin the next step is to buy BitTorrent.

Step 1. Buy Bittorrent

To buy Bittorent you would have to go to a cryptocurrency platform that allows users to exchange Bitcoin or any altcoins for any cryptocurrency.
Also know that you would need a Bittorent wallet which would allow you to receive Bittorent on Binance exchange. You can also use a VPN to trade Bittorent which increases your Anonymity and also your privacy. Over %68 Bitcoin traders uses a VPN i suggest you use

Step 2. Deposit cryptocurrency to your account

Once you have visit register an deposit Bitcoin, once your Bitcoin is Deposited you can now buy Bittorrent from Kraken.

Step 3. Get a Bittorrent wallet

A Bittorrent wallet would allow you to store, receive and send Bittorent coins. In this tutorial, we would use Trustwallet a cryptocurrency wallet that supports almost all cryptocurrencies in the world.

Download Trustwallet on your device and search for Bittorent or BTT and click the first coin you see and collect the address. Also, don’t forget to store your recovery phrase on multiple papers without it you won’t be able to access your cryptocurrency.

Is Bittorent a good investment?

Bittorrent is a very popular cryptocurrency and is well-known application for Torrent users. Bittorrent is very fast and that what makes Bittorrent different. Bittorent would likely attract investors in the future as it’s a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol that allows users to share files in a decentralized manner. Bittorrent price is currently under a cent and has seen a jump in value in the previous year.

Justin Son who is well known in the cryptocurrency space and the founder of Tron created BTT, it is possible to see a good price action coming from Bittorent.

Will Bittorrent ever reach $1?

Bittorent is very popular in the Turret community and is one of the best Turret software to use. Bittorent is fast for downloading files. Eventually if Bittorent get more users and upgrades in the future it would attract more investors and $1 would not be its limit.

What is the best Bittorrent wallet?

It is very important to secure your cryptocurrency that’s why I recommend you use the Ledger Nano X a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Bittorent and 1000 more cryptocurrencies.

The Ledger Nano X is malware proof and also waterproof, you can find the Ledger Nano X on Amazon.

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You can also get a Trezor wallet which is also one of the best Trezor wallets you can find Trezor wallet on Amazon. The Trezor wallet supports more than 1000 cryptocurrencies which means theirs no need to download a new wallet when you want to receive a new cryptocurrency asset.

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Bittorent coin was created in 2018 by Justin Son, Justin Son is the founder of Tron and he is well known in the thr cryptocurrency community.

Bittorent is a well-known file sharing platform and has good download speed making it a very popular option to use. Justin Son bought Bittorent in 2018 for $140 after that he launched a sale for the BTT token which got about $20 million in sales.

If you are interested in buying Bittorent you can use to swap your cryptocurrency instantly and get to hold some BTT coins.