Chiliz is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, it was created by Lycee Jean Perrin in late 2018.

The Chiliz token was created to purchase sport fan tokens, the fan token includes PSG token, Barcelona tokens, Atletico Madrid token, Juventus fan token, etc.

Fan tokens are created so that fans can vote on the decision that can be made by the club.

Voting is done on the platform, which is owned by Chiliz, the application can be downloaded on all mobile devices.

How to buy Chiliz immediately?

  1. Register a account
  2. Deposit fiat currency, Bitcoin or Ethereum
  3. Purchase Chiliz
  4. Get a Chiliz wallet (Ledger Nano X, Trustwallet)
  5. Withdraw your Chiliz

If Binance doesn’t work in your country you can use VPN or create an account with one of the exchanges below:

What is Chiliz?

Chiliz is an Ethereum based token that acts as a digital currency for and the Chiliz exchange. The platform is used to vote on polls that can influence the club’s decision.

Chiliz token also serves as an exclusive token for purchasing fans tokens. The Chiliz exchange is a very popular method to buy Chiliz and other fans tokens early.

Things you should know about Chiliz

Chiliz exchange: The Chiliz exchange is the biggest exchange to buy fan tokens, it supports more than 20 fan tokens with different partners. Chiliz exchange is similar to but it’s the biggest fan token exchange in the world.

Chiliz exchange focuses on sport fan tokens, sport fan tokens include: PSG fan token, Barcelona fan token, and Atletico Madrid fan token. The platform is the official fan voting platform, sport fans can vote with fan tokens and make decisions for the club.
The sports team makes the voting poll and fans can vote using the fan tokens. The app is also another way to purchase Chiliz and the fan token using a credit card.

Voting system: The teams of the clubs can vote using the application, votes are made using sport fan tokens. The polls are created by the clubs and the result for the polls are declared later.

Football club partners: Chiliz has partnered with many football clubs which includes: Barcelona fan token, West Ham fan token, PSG fan token, etc.

The Barcelona tokens have gone up %1000 since their launch in 2019, the token can be traded on

How to buy Chiliz?

Step 1 – Get a Chiliz wallet

Getting a Chiliz wallet is a great way to store, receive and send Chiliz, chiliz wallet can be found on mobile devices, chrome extension, desktop, and tablet.

Chiliz hardware wallet
The Chiliz hardware wallet is considered by many to be the safest Chiliz hardware wallet available. Getting a secure hardware wallet can save you the stress of worrying about hackers or malware. If you are interested in getting a Chiliz hardware wallet then you can check the list below:

All the hardware wallets mentioned above would need a PC to set them up, it is also important to note that they support over 2000 cryptocurrencies.

Chiliz mobile wallet

Trust wallet: The Trustwallet is well-known cryptocurrency wallet, it supports multiple cryptocurrencies. The official chiliz website listed Trustwallet as a way to store the Chiliz token. The Chiliz wallet can also be used to store fan tokens.

Atomic wallet: The Atomic wallet supports the Chiliz token, also note that the Atomic Wallet supports all Erc-20 tokens which means you can store the fan tokens.

Exodus mobile wallet: The Exodus mobile wallet is a decentralized ERC-20 supported wallet, the Exodus wallet supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies. Users can also purchase Bitcoin using the Exodus wallet.

Chiliz desktop wallet

If you are using a desktop wallet here is the best Chiliz wallet available.

MetaMask extensions: The MetaMask only supports Ethereum based tokens, it is the best way to store Chiliz, you can fund the MetaMask chrome extension link on the MetaMask official website.

Trust wallet desktop wallet: The Trust wallet desktop supports chiliz as well as other fan tokens. Dapps, exchange, and purchase of cryptocurrencies are supported.

Step 2 – Find your Chiliz address

If you have the MetaMask wallet installed on your chrome browser you can send it to your Ethereum wallet address. If you are using other cryptocurrency wallets you would have to locate the Chiliz wallet address, here’s what a Chiliz wallet address looks like:


Step 3 – Find a Chiliz exchange and purchase Chiliz

It is important to use a trusted cryptocurrency exchange, here is a list of a cryptocurrency exchange that supports the trading of Chiliz: recently added Chiliz trading pair, Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world. Although doesn’t work in the United States and is only available in the US The trading platform allows traders to buy Chiliz, Okex doesn’t support many of the fan tokens. If you are planning to buy Fan tokens then you can buy them on the official fan token trading platform. is the official chiliz exchange, the exchange supports over 20 sports fan tokens. If you are interested in buying chiliz on click here to create an account. The Huobi exchange is another method to buy Chiliz, you can buy Chiliz using a credit card and bank transfer on Huobi. Huobi supports over 300 cryptocurrencies and is the second-largest exchange.

Step 4 – Withdraw your Chiliz

After you’ve purchased chiliz on the exchange-listed above, you can now transfer your chiliz to your wallet, trusted chiliz wallet includes Ledger Nano S, Trezor One, and Ledger Nano S.

It is recommended to not store your cryptocurrency on an exchange as it can be easily hacked.

Conclusion – is Chiliz a good investment?

The Chiliz token has been under the radar for quite a long time. Launched in 2018, Chiliz is a partner with the biggest sports clubs around the world.

Chiliz is a cryptocurrency that has a high potential in gaining more value in the long-term.

The Chiliz project brought something Unique to cryptocurrency: The ability to vote for a club using the Ethereum blockchain if you are a fan has never existed before the Chiliz exchange.

Make sure to do more research before investing in Chiliz token and other fan tokens.

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