Dash is aiming for adoption and could be the next digital cash if the world one day accepts cryptocurrency more often. The Dash coin is very popular in Venezuela. Merchants and over 2000 ATM accept around the world accept Dash.

How to buy Dash quickly

Follow these steps to buy Dash:

  1. Get a Dash wallet (Ledger Nano X, Atomic Wallet)
  2. Create a Binance.com account
  3. Enter referral code for bonus: C3JJ7VEM
  4. Fund your account with Bitcoin or fiat currency
  5. Purchase Dash

If Binance.com doesn’t work in your country you can use a VPN or create an account with exchanges listed below:

  • Cex.io (support US traders)
  • Huobi (world second-largest exchange)
  • Okex.com (an exchange with many features)
  • Changenow.io (instant swap exchange *no ID required)

Some of the exchanges mentioned above may only accept Bitcoin deposits, create a Localbitcoins.com account to buy Bitcoin.

What is Dash?

Dash is a Bitcoin fork, it was created to be peer-to-peer digital cash in 2014 by Evan Duffield. Dash is Different from Bitcoin, it has faster transaction speed and lowers fees: Dash low fees and the faster transaction has attracted merchants within the past years in any country.

Dash has a privacy feature which allows users to send fund anonymously just like Monero, Zcash and more. Dash is often referred to as privacy, because of its privacy features and has been delisted from the different exchange because of this.

Dash transaction can be changed to an anonymous transfer but most of its transactions can be publicly traded on the blockchain.

Dash features
Decentralized government: In-Dash theirs no central body to make decisions, decisions are made by the master node and funding is done by the Dash block reward. Each time a block is formed a miner would receive %45 of 2.88 DASH and %45 goes to the masternode, the next %10 goes to Dash developments and funding.

Dash masternode: The Dash masternode are online computers that run the Dash wallet, This can be done on a VPS server and a PC. The Masternode in Dash plays different important roles which include: Instant send, anonymous mixing of coins, voting which is used to make decisions in the Dash network.

The Masternodes can earn Dash by securing the Dash network: earning can go up to %10 apy. While joining the Dash Masternodes may be expensive, the minimum requirement is 1000 Dash coins which is more than $200,000.
Dash is the first Masternode coin, Masternode is similar to staking but users run their wallets to contribute to the network. The Masternode also plays an important role in Dash instant send.

Things you should know about Dash

Instant send: The instant send features allow Dash transaction to be confirmed in a matter of seconds, unlike Bitcoin transaction which takes about 20 minutes and can take hours to confirm.

Private or anonymous send: The private send feature has made Dash to be classified as an anonymous cryptocurrency like Monero or Zcash. This feature makes it nearly impossible to trace Dash transaction, but understand that this feature can be chosen to be turned on.

Dash adoption: in 2018 Dash team went to Colombia to achieve Dash cryptocurrency adoption. They claimed to make 500 merchants use Dash as a form of payment.

Dash adoption took place in Nigeria (2019) and in Colombia (2018). The Dash adoption campaign aimed to bring merchants to accept Dash as a form of payment in their business. For a cryptocurrency to be accepted as a form of payment it needs to be fast and have low fees, off-cause Dash has this feature.

Follow the steps to buy Dash

Step 1 – Get a Dash wallet

You will need a Dash wallet address to store your Dash coins or tokens. This is important as it’s not always a great idea to store your coin on an exchange if you planning to hold it for a long time.

Dash hardware wallet

Ledger Nano X: The Ledger Nano X is a well-known Dash wallet, it has different features and supports multiple cryptocurrencies, this means that you would not only be able to store Dash, you can also store all cryptocurrency on the market.

Ledger Nano S: The Ledger Nano S is a cheaper version of The Ledger Nano X, it also supports multiple cryptocurrencies. You can purchase Ledger Nano X on Amazon and set it up to store your Dash.

Trezor One: The Trezor one is different from the Ledger Nano brand, it has a different design and can store your cryptocurrency safely without having to worry about hackers or malware.

Dash mobile wallet

Dash wallet: Dash wallet is the official wallet for Dash, users can download it on the Playstore and the Appstore. The Dash app allows users to receive and store Dash safely in the wallets.

Guarda crypto wallet: The Guarda crypto wallet is a well-known cryptocurrency wallet, it supports the Dash coin and other cryptocurrencies. The Guarda wallet is decentralized and it won’t ask for your email or password to create an account.

Atomic wallet: The Atomic wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies, stacking and buying cryptocurrency with a credit card. The Atomic wallet support Dash wallet as well.

Dash desktop wallet

Dash desktop core wallet: The Dash core wallet is the official Dash wallet that was released by the Dash developers. The wallet includes features like Private send, Instant send features, masternode.

Exodus wallet: The Exodus wallet is a well-known cryptocurrency wallet, it supports multiple cryptocurrencies. The Exodus wallet supports Dash and has many features packed.

Step 2 – Find a Dash exchange to purchase Dash

They are different exchange that supports the trading of Dash, most of the exchange may only accept Bitcoin, if you don’t have Bitcoin, you can create a Localbitcoins.com and buy Bitcoin.

Cex.io is a Bitcoin exchange, it doesn’t have the best trade volume, but it supports United States citizens. Cex.io support more than 30 cryptocurrencies making it easy for investors to pick.

Create an account

Okex is also another trading platform that allows users to trade Dash: Dash can be exchanged for Bitcoin or Ethereum. Okex is a well-known exchange, it supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies to trade.

Create an account

Huobi is another exchange that support the trading of Dash, it is the second largest cryptocurrency exchange. Huobi supports more than 300, the cons is that it doesn’t support US traders.

Create an account

With Changenow.io you can buy different types of cryptocurrency including Dash. Changenow.io is an instant swap exchange that allows users to swap BTC or any altcoin for any cryptocurrency.

Step 3 – Withdraw the Dash to your wallet

It is always recommended to withdraw you Dash to your wallet, this way you can get full control of your Dash unlike if it’s stored in a Exchange, the list of Dash wallet can be found above.

Conclusion – Is it worth investing in Dash?

Dash wants to be digital cash, like PayPal but a decentralized version of it. The Dash team has been putting out a lot of effort into speeding the adoption of Dash worldwide. But they are some issues that have, Dash is currently classified to be an anonymous coin like Zcash and Monero because of its private send feature.

Dash has been delisted from some exchanges because of its anonymous send feature which makes it impossible to trace Dash transactions.

If you want Dash and believe in the Dash project I suggest you do your research and also take a look at the Dash whitepaper and road maps on where Dash is heading.


Is Dash a privacy coin?

Dash is considered to be a privacy coin by many, Dash wasn’t designed to be a privacy coin like Monero or Zcash, it has a privacy coin send feature that allows users to send Dash anonymously and untraceable.

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