Shiba Inu is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was created by an anonymous founder known as “Ryoshi” and each token isd currently worth a penny {$0.000007593}. It started as a joke cryptocurrency based on the Dogecoin meme and was nicknamed the “DOGECOIN KILLER.” Meaning, it was modeled from Dogecoin, and its meme token {SHIB} is an ERC-20 token listed on the Ethereum decentralized network. Nevertheless, it allows you to get certain functionalities, like swapping tokens, staking, and gaining yield, which Dogecoin does not allow. Hence, it has proliferated and has become a Dogecoin alternative and competitor.

Unfortunately, residents in the New York state cannot sell or buy Shiba Inu because they are not yet registered and licensed in New York. Therefore, it is illegal to buy and sell Shiba Inu cryptocurrency in NY. The restriction is in place because New York has crypto-regulation implemented in 2015 to oversee and issue a license for crypto-exchange firms to function in NY.

Despite BetLicense restrictions, still, you can Buy Shiba Inu in NY.

Do not grow faint-hearted because with Change now you can buy Shiba inu in NY. Change now allows you to buy Shiba in cryptocurrency using Bitcoin or Ethereum. Therefore, you must have Crypto-wallet that supports Bitcoin and Ethereum like Trust Wallet, Exodus wallet, infinity wallet, Shiba Inu wallet, MyEtherWallet, etc. To allow you to purchase Shiba inu coins. For more detail on how to purchase Shiba inu cryptocurrency on change now follow the guide below:

Step 1 – Create a Coinbase account and purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum

Before using change now to buy Shiba Inu, first, you need a Coinbase account that offers Bitcoin and Ethereum Cryptocurrency as a mode of exchange for fiat currency and ERC-20 token. Therefore, you will use your Coinbase account to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum to allow you to buy Shiba inu tokens on change now.

Step 2- Get a Shiba Inu Wallet {Trust wallet, Atomic Wallet, Binance Wallet, Kucoin Wallet, Exodus wallet, infinity wallet, Shiba inu wallet, or MyEtherWallet}

Use any of the above crypto-wallets to store Shiba Inu tokens, allowing you to send and receive Shiba in tokens. These wallets software are available for both Desktop and Smartphone applications.

Step 3 – Visit Change now

When you visit the Change now site, you will learn that it is a Cryptocurrency swap exchange benchmark that offers limitless exchange starting from less than $2, and you can swap as much crypto as you want. With Change now you can swap up to 200 different cryptocurrencies and buy and exchange any currency at lower network fees and on-chain taxes. In addition, it eliminates the need for registration and KYC approval for a smaller amount. For more visit, the site for more information > Change now.

Step 4 – Search for Shiba Inu pair on

On the Change now drop-down Crypto-default exchange interface, click exchange pair “ETH” and search for “SHIB,” and select. Once you have selected the Shiba inu token to be exchanged for BTC or Ethereum, click the next step.

Step 5 – Enter the amount of SHIB token you want to purchase using Bitcoin

After selecting SHIB, enter the amount of SHIB token you plan to buy Bitcoin. Do not worry about the exchange and transfer, provided your Bitcoin is stored on any Crypto-wallet.

Step 6 – insert your Shiba inu wallet address.

While buying Shiba inu, it is essential to insert your wallet address to transfer and receive the crypto-tokens. Your Shiba inu wallet address is readily available if you have installed the software on your desktop, or you can download and search for Shiba inu and click receive to get your Shiba inu address.

Step 7 – Purchase Shiba inu using BTC

The Change now Crypto-default exchange interface will generate the latest BTC address, then send your BTC to the suggested address. However, ensure you send the exact amount of BTC displayed to the new address, and there you have your Shiba inu coins.


The Shiba inu cryptocurrency is the latest cryptocurrency that offers ShibaSwap, A decentralized exchange that is more ambitious than other altcoins available on the market. What is more, it is also environment-friendly to the users and secure. You can also select a non-profit community charity project of choice to donate to automatically with each Amazon purchase.

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