The Vechain cryptocurrency is aiming to enhance supply chain management and business process.

The only issue is that New York residents can’t buy Vechain because popular exchanges like Coinbase don’t support Vechain yet.

Vechain is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2015 by Sunny Lu, the Vechain cryptocurrency used to run on the Ethereum blockchain, In 2017 Vechain changed its blockchain to the VeChainThor network.

The VeChainThor token is a token that serves as energy on the VeChainThor network.

New York residents can’t buy Vechain because of the New York crypto regulation that was implemented in 2015 called the BitLicense. The BitLicense law requires exchanges to register before they can function in NY.

How to buy Vechain an in New York

Follow these steps to buy Vechain in NY:

  1. Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase to purchase Vechain using Bitcoin on ChangeNow
  2. Get a Vechain wallet (Exodus wallet, Atomic Wallet, or Trust wallet)
  3. Visit Change Now (No KYC required for small amounts, No registration required)
  4. Search for Vechain pair
  5. Enter the amount of Vechain you want to purchase using BTC
  6. Enter your Vechain wallet address
  7. Purchase Vechain using BTC.

Do this to buy Vechain in NY

To buy Vechain in New York you must have Bitcoin stored in a wallet, you can purchase Bitcoin from Coinbase, Get a Vechain wallet (Exodus wallet or Trust wallet), visit Change now, enter the amount of Vechan you want to purchase using BTC, enter your Vechain wallet address from your wallet, click exchange and make your payment in Bitcoin.

Visit Changenow through this link:

Step 1 – Create a Coinbase account and purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum

Creating a Coinbase account and purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum, the purpose of doing this is so that you can Vechain on using Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Step 2 – Get a Vechain wallet (Exodus wallet or Trust wallet)

Your Vechain wallet would be used to store your Vechain, with a Vechain wallet you can receive and send Vechain. Trust wallet and Exodus wallet supports Vechain and other cryptocurrencies, both wallets is available on Desktop and Mobile.

Step 3 – Visit Change now is a cryptocurrency swap exchange, users can swap up to 200 different cryptocurrencies at any time. IDs are not required also registration is not required.

Step 4 – Search for Vechain pair on

Click the default exchange pair “ETH” and search for Vechain on Once you have selected Vechain to be exchanged for BTC or ETH go to the next step.

Step 5 – Enter the amount of Vechain you plan to purchase using Bitcoin and click exchange now

Type in the amount of Vechain you are planning to use to purchase Bitcoin, make sure you have the BTC stored in a wallet, if your Bitcoin is stored on Coinbase it can be transferable.

Step 6 – insert your Vechain wallet address into Change now

Your Vechain wallet address can be easily found if you have a Vechain wallet installed on your computer, Exodus and Trust wallet supports Vechain. Download the wallet and search for Vechain, get your Vechain address by clicking receive.

Step 7 – Purchase Vechain using BTC or ETH would generate a new BTC or ETH address, send your ETH or BTC to the address. Always send the exact amount to the specific address.


The Vechain cryptocurrency is a well-known token in the crypto world and is often referred to as a hidden gem. Vechain holders can earn VeThor tokens daily by holding Vechain.

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