XRP is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency in the world, but it’s restricted from Buying in the United States after SEC lawsuits.

Popular exchanges in the United States have restricted the purchase of XRP, exchanges like Coinbase no longer supports XRP making it very difficult for United States residents to buy XRP. In this article, you would learn how to buy XRP in the United States instantly.

So in case you didn’t know what is XRP, XRP is a cryptocurrency that was developed by the Ripple Lab. What makes XRP different from mainstream cryptocurrency is that Ripple is aiming to collaborate with banks and scale its transaction in the Ripple Network.

How to buy XRP in the United States immediately

To buy XRP in the United States you would need to have Bitcoin or ETH stored in a wallet, a XRP wallet (Trustwallet or XRP wallet) , if you have the thing mentioned above visit changenow.io. Changenow.io a cryptocurrency platform that will allow you swap your cryptocurrency instantly.

Here is a step-by-step guide to buying XRP in the United States

1. Buy XRP with Bitcoin or Ethereum

Now visit changenow.io and the default exchanges would be BTC to ETH, click ETH, and search for XRP.

Visit: changenow.io

Now choose the amount of Bitcoin you want to exchange for XRP, after you have chosen the amount click exchange.

2. Get an XRP wallet

Go to the App Store and search for Trustwallet it’s a cryptocurrency wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies, download it and create your wallet. Search for XRP.

Or you can get your self a secure XRP wallet that is secure from Malware and hackers and supports over 1500 cryptocurrency its called the Ledger Nano X, the best XRP wallet of 2021

Check the current price.

3. Insert your XRP address and tag

Now that you have your wallet, insert your wallet address and tag, this would enable you to receive your XRP once your payment is sent.

5. Make your Payment

After you have inserted your XRP address click make payment. Send the required BTC to the required address.


Q. What is XRP?

XRP is a cryptocurrency created by Ripple Lab in 2013, XRP aims to collaborate with banks and scale its transaction in the XRP network.

Q. What is the XRP destination tag?

An XRP destination tag is 9 digit number that needs put alongside the XRP address when trying to make a payment the XRP destination tag is important to ensure that you receive your XRP without losing it.

Q. Is XRP Ripple?

XRP isn’t Ripple, Ripple is the company that created XRP in 2013.

Q. Is XRP dead?

XRP is not dead, XRP has seen an increase in value despite the SEC lawsuit.