Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, but the issue is United States residents or citizens can’t use

The Binance exchange was created in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, a Chinese – Canadian.

Binance has over 300 cryptocurrencies to trade making it one of the best exchanges and also the highest volume exchange available. supports multiple countries and also has a different platform. Binance platform includes Binance smart chain, Binance peer-to-peer, Trustwallet, and more.

How to use in the United States?

Follow these steps to use in the United States:

  1. Get a VPN (Surfshark VPN)
  2. Connect to the VPN using a different IP location
  3. Create a account while your VPN is turned on
  4. Deposit Bitcoin into your Binance account
  5. Trade on your Binance account
  6. Get a multiple supported cryptocurrency wallet (Ledger Nano X, Trezor One, Trust Wallet ETC.
  7. Withdraw your cryptocurrency.

What is Binance and why is it better than US exchanges?

Binance is the largest exchange in the world holding the best coins and has the highest trading volume. The problem with US-based exchanges is that it doesn’t support multiple cryptocurrencies when compared to Binance or

US-based exchange like Kraken, Gemini and Coinbase doesn’t provide the best trading experience. On users can use the BEP-20, The BEP-20 is a token that is based on the Binance Smart chain. The Binance Smart chain is similar to the Ethereum blockchain but transactions are much faster and cheaper.

The platform also doesn’t ask for an ID which makes it easy for any country in the world to use.

Follow these steps to use in the United States

Step 1 – Get a VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network, what a VPN does is that changes your IP location making the exchange believe you are not located in the United States. By using a VPN you can easily register a account from any country restricted by its easy.

What you have to do is visit and pay for a subscription, by using Surfshark you can use from anywhere in the world even New York. VPN will provide support and you would be able to use the VPN on every device you have.

Step 2 – Connect to the VPN

If you have paid for a VPN subscription, the next step is to connect to the VPN, you can download the Surfshark application once you have finished your subscription, the next step is to change your IP location to another country like Germany or Canada.

Step 3 – Create a account

Now that you have a VPN installed on your computer or mobile device, visit and register an account.

Once you have filled in your information you would have to confirm your email address, to confirm your email address you may have to get a 6 digit code that was sent to your email and insert it on Binance.

If you had an old Binance account you may have to abandon it and create new account.

Step 4 – Deposit Bitcoin into your Binance account

You would have to deposit Bitcoin, if you don’t have Bitcoin stored in a wallet then you would have to purchase Bitcoin on or Coinbase.

Get your Binance Bitcoin address and deposit the amount of Bitcoin, note that you should not try to trade a lot of amounts or the exchange might be forced to ask for an ID.

To deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum on Binance, go to your account tab, click deposit, search for the coin you want to buy

Step 5 – Trade on your Binance account

If you want to use consistently then don’t visit Binance when you are not logged in and connected to a VPN.

Once your coin is deposited on Binance, you can easily trade on all the BTC pair.

Step – 6 Get a Multi cryptocurrency supported wallet

Getting a cryptocurrency wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies is always a good idea. Using in the United States is risky always make sure to connect to a specific location on your VPN all the time.

With a cryptocurrency wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies, you can instantly store any cryptocurrency at any time. Here is the list of cryptocurrency wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies:

  • Ledger Nano X(very secure hardware wallet)
  • Trezor One (a very popular hardware wallet)
  • Trust wallet (available on Mobile and Desktop, supports over 500 cryptos)

Step 7 – Withdraw the coins to your wallet

The best thing to do after purchasing cryptocurrency on is to send to your wallet, you can find a list of trusted decentralized wallet above.

Conclusion is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange, 2019 stopped operating in the United States. After a few months was created, the trading platform is bad when compared to any exchange. KYC on can take up to 2 weeks for an account to even be verified and also very poor customer support.

With a VPN anyone who lives in the US can use at any time. Make sure to use a safe VPN I recommended you use Surfshark VPN.

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