Bybit is a trading platform that facilitates the exchange of cryptocurrencies. It is based in Singapore but opens its doors to many countries around the world. Unfortunately, its services are not available for the residents of the United Kingdom. There is still some reprieve though as it is indeed possible to access its services in the UK.

For that to happen, you need to acquire and subsequently make do with a VPN. This stands for virtual private network and acts to bypass any restrictions that may be imposed towards the access of the site. We draft this article to let you know the steps you may take to circumvent these restrictions.

How to use Bybit in UK Summary

  1. Get a VPN (Surfshark is Recommended)
  2. Connect to a VPN server outside the UK
  3. Register a Bybit account
  4. Enter Invite Code to get Bonus: mxqlG
  5. Trade on Bybit

Follow these steps to use Bybit in the UK:

Below are the steps to follow to use it in the United Kingdom with a VPN.

Step 1 – Obtain a relevant VPN

Commence the exercise by obtaining a relevant VPN. Though many VPNs abound, the Surfshark VPN stands out as the most reliable. It has been noted to uphold the security of the data while in transit and at the same time bypass many restrictions in the best ways and shapes possible.

Step 2 – Connect the VPN to a server

Next, connect the VPN to a server. This server has to be outside the United Kingdom as ByBit resource is banned from users in that country. By far the best location to choose is Singapore given that the service is based in that country. This is the most critical step in the entire process as it determines to a large extent whether or not you might enjoy the outcomes and the ends that be.

Step 3 – Register an account with it Bybit

You now have to register an account with it Bybit. This simply entails signing up by furnishing your details like name, address, bank, country of residence, city, and so on. Try as much as possible to stick to locations within Singapore or any other country you selected in step II above for consistency.

It is also imperative that you furnish true, accurate, and correct details about your financial records and unique identifiers. You may be tracked down and charged with fraud just if the details are found to be inaccurate or largely impersonating the financial records of others.

Step 4 – Enter Invite code “mxqlG”

While still registering, you need to also enter Invite code “mxqlG” for a bonus. You want to earn some bonuses while also extending the reach of the app.

Step 5 – Obtain a cryptocurrency wallet

Before undertaking any activity on the platform, you have to acquire and make use of a cryptocurrency wallet. This is simply a store or a repository in which you stash your digital assets and possessions like cryptocurrency.

It is important to choose a cross-platform wallet to facilitate your shuffling back and forth the numerous trading platforms you may be desirous of working with. Common examples of these are Ledger Nano X, Trezor One, and Trust Wallet, just to mention but a few!

Step 6 – Start trading

The time has now come for you to commence trading on the platform. The platform gives you the freedom to purchase items via cryptocurrency, make deposits, withdraw and invest in securities, alongside many other benefits.

It is up to you to decide what to do with this platform after you have already created the account. Follow the instructions given to the latter to go about whatever issue you may want.


Bybit is a well-known margin trading platform, traders can increase their profits in short term by using margin trading.

Bybit allows user to trade over 100x of their balance, although traders can get liquidated and lose all their money if their prediction is wrong.

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