Your wallet might have asked for the XRP destination tag and you might be wondering what it is? don’t worry I had the same problem. I am going to tell you what is XRP destination tag and how to find it right now.

What is the XRP destination tag?

The XRP destination tag is about a 9 digit long number it has to be inserted alongside the XRP address. In some case, if you don’t do that might lose your XRP that’s why it is very important to find it.

What is the XRP address?

An XRP address is the address that can be used to receive XRP to your wallet it is important to insert the exact address so you won’t loss you tokens. The XRP address is about 25-35 digit long character.

How to find my XRP destination tag?

To find your XRP destination tag you should go to your wallet, for this example, we would use coinbase.

First, go to your XRP wallet? At the top you find the receiving address icon click it.

Now under your wallet address, you would find your XRP tag, now copy it, and take it to your sending wallet or exchange.

But I can’t find my XRP destination tag?

In most cases the wallet may not support a destination tag, it’s normal all you will need to do is click “I don’t have a tag” and you can send your XRP without a destination tag. Pls understand that if you put in the wrong address you may lose your XRP forever.


Q. What is XRP?

A. XRP is a cryptocurrency created by the Ripple lab in 2013, the cryptocurrency aims to collaborate with the bank system and increase its transactions on the XRP network.

Q. Is XRP decentralized?

According to the CEO of Ripple, XRP is a decentralized cryptocurrency, because it can function without Ripple.

Q. Is XRP dead

Ripple is not dead, the coin was affected by the SEC lawsuit against Ripple the creators in 2021 but, we should be seeing a comeback very soon.

Q. What is the difference between XRP and Ripple

A. XRP is the cryptocurrency that can be received and sent while Ripple is the company that created Ripple in 2013.

Final thoughts

XRP is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency and should begin to see an increase in values. If you cant find your XRP tag then you find it at the same position where your Ripple wallet address is.

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